Friday, July 24, 2009

Why Paul Rudd has ruined us for life...

This is Paul Rudd...the world's most perfect man.

Here at A&F we really, really love Paul Rudd or as he will henceforth be known "The Rudd".

The Rudd is perfection personified. You can argue with us if you want but please understand that any attempt to change our minds futile. The Rudd has made life harder as we must accept the fact that no matter how wonderful they are no other man can compare. We would hate The Rudd but how can we?? Just look at that face.

And so we give you the many reasons Paul Rudd is the most AWESOME GUY ON THE PLANET....

1. He was Josh in Clueless, possibly one of the greatest movies of all time!

2.He is gorgeous but you get the impression he doesn't think he is.

3.He was Paris is "Romeo and Juliet" and kind of makes you think she should have dumped that Romeo loser (the guy was a poet for god's sake...LAME)

4. He's BRIAN FANTANA! The best character in Anchorman!

"You're making me look stupid Panda Jerk!"

5. He's Dave in "The 40 year old Virgin"!

"You know how I know you're gay? You listen to Coldplay"

6. He's Pete in "Knocked Up"

"I want to throw you in the back on my Deloreon and gun it to 88"

7. He's Kunu in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall"

"Too slow, do less"

8.He's Peter in "I love you, man"

Robbie: "You're not taking these boys to see the Devil Wears Prada ok"

Peter: "Ohh I love that movie"

9. He's Mike in Friends

Mike: Fine, then I'm changing my name.

Phoebe: To what?

Mike: Crap Bag.

Phoebe: What? Mike Crap Bag?

Mike: No, first name Crap, last name Bag.

10. He wrote and stars as Danny in "Role Models"

School boy: Hey nice cow outfit. Where can I pick one of those up at, the gay zoo? Homo

Danny: No, no. It's not a cow. It's a a minotaur. It's a creature of myth. And he got this one out of your mom's closet.

Wheeler: She let me keep it after I fucked her.

Gayle Sweeny: You know what I used to have for breakfast? Cocaine. Know what I had for lunch? Cocaine.
Wheeler: What did you have for dinner?
Danny: Was it cocaine?
Gayle Sweeny: Well, well, well. If it isn't Mr. Bullshit and Dr. I'm-full-of-shit?
Wheeler: In what way are we full of shit?
Danny: Which one of us has the Ph.D?
11. He is consistently hilarious
12. He has admitted that he finds most people annoying, a concept we here at A&F hold very dear to our hearts
13. He looks hotter the older her gets
14. He named his son Jack, not some weird made-up, airy fairy or religious name

15. They are making ROLE MODELS 2 and he is writing it!

So it is for all these reasons and more that we say Paul Rudd we love you and you are now officially...


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