Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why do you have to ruin it for everyone?

(PS Yes I copied and pasted this image off Perez Hilton's site...but I credited it, so that's okay, right?)

What the fuck, Lady GaGa, is this monstrosity? Seriously? I didn't realise protective Bee Keeping gear was now consider haute couture.

Here's the thing. I LIKE Lady GaGa's song. I felt connected with 'Let's Dance' on a personal level (especially the bit about losing the keys and the phone). Pokerface - fabulous. That new Paparazzi one - gorgeous. But then she has to go and ruin it by being a MASSIVE TOOL.

Sigh. There's being different (step forward the original Mr Different, David Bowie) and then there is just being an attention-seeking wanker. Miss GaGa to the podium please.

Dress like a normal person, I implore you. I didn't want to have to here (that's a lie, I totally did), but:


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