Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We are so inspiring.
We were so inspired by our last post we decided to do a new post that related, in some vague manner, to our previous post.

Today's Song Of The Day is: Here It Goes Again by Ok Go (you see the connection, oui?)

What's not to love about this?

Firstly, the song itself rocks. It's the kind of song you can do the 'Running Man' to, and I like that in a song.
Secondly, it's seriously got to be one of the greatest film clips of all time.
Even better than Beyonce's Single Ladies (Don't you interrupt me, Kanye, it is). And definitely better than anything Taylor Swift has ever done.

They either DID choreograph it themselves, or they had the world's greatest 'looks like it's not professionally choreographed' choreographer. Did I mention I like the word choreograph?
I also love a bald man in a waist coat. Wait, no, I don't. I must be thinking of something else I like. Oh, that's right, men with hair not wearing waist coats.

But, credit where credit is due, he works the waist coat. He could probably work a fob watch, too, if he tried. And I can imagine he'd walk about, asking people if they'd like to know the time, then get out this fob watch, tell them the time and then be all like "Don't act like you're not impressed.". Because they would be.

Also, although it's not going to make Song Of The Day, I also suggest you check out A Million Ways to be Cool, the film clip for which really launched Ok Go. How they managed to eclipse this film clip with Here It Goes Again is truly the work of God and/or the Gods.

Ok Go?


Sigh. Here we go again.

Why does this keep happening to us, seriously? It pains us. It makes us want to cause pain.

You guys already know how much we love people who don’t actually know how to use common sayings…but gosh darn it, they just go ahead and use them anyway. Because people are selfish like that.

So, here’s the one we heard yesterday “It totally fails in comparison...”

What? No.

Just. No.

There is a small part of us that wants to say “That could almost makes sense....maybe?”. But then a much larger part of us says “You’re a moron.”

The saying is: it PALES in comparison. PALES. Do you understand?

Yes, it rhymes with fails. But it starts with a different letter and has a completely different meaning. It’s almost like IT’S A TOTALLY DIFFERENT WORD.

I can almost hear you saying…but Kate & Alli, you’re not perfect. That’s where you are wrong, my friend. We are.

You, lady on Ferny Grove train?


Thursday, September 24, 2009


Some days an amazing event occurs.

Some days so much awesomeness is in the air, that it forms a perfect storm. No I'm talking the kind of perfect storm that involves George Clooney, a ship in poor shape and computer generated waves, I mean a storm of AMAZING SONGS!

So as you know Kate and I usually only one Song of the Day...that's not the case my friends. Today a dust storm of fabulous songs has clouded Brisbane (see what I did there? Relevant, people!)

Today we do 2!!!!!

I love love love this song!

"Bulletproof" by La Roux

So Bulletproof?



Let me start by staying that Justin Hawkins, lead singer of The Darkness, is in NO WAY attractive. He looks like he should be in Deliverance, challenging someone to a duel with a Banjo.

However, having said that, let me say this: I want to have sex with him. Without touching him, because I’m sure I’d get some disease. Is that possible? As we all know from Pulp Fiction, personality goes a long way. And Justin Hawkins is mad-ass cool.

All of his songs are glam-rock awesome, and as he proved on Top Gear he’s hilarious. And a pretty okay driver. And I respect that in a man. I don’t respect drug or alcohol addictions, but he’s been to re-hab, and that always works, doesn’t it? Lindsay?

This song, I Believe in a Thing Called Love was really the pinnacle of what The Darkness was. I don’t allow myself to listen to it on the train anymore, since I caught myself miming along to it when listening to it on my Ipod. And that probably wasn’t even the most embarrassing thing I did that day.

Anyway, put on those glittered platform-soled boots and white jumpsuits and prepare to ROCK THE FUCK OUT!

Monday, September 21, 2009

500 days of AWESOME!

So today I (Alli) went to see 500 Days of Summer. Let me just say how much I adored this movie!!! It was fantastic!

We here at A&F have loved Joseph Gordon Levitt since 3rd Rock From The Sun. That show was hilarious and I am happy to say, that he is just as wonderful now as he was then.

Not only was 500 Days fun, sweet, real and hilarious, it also had a AN IMPROMPTU DANCE SEQUENCE! Always the first sign of a quality film.

So what's better than an impromptu dance sequence? One set to a totally fabulous song!

The link below shows the best scene from the movie, but do yourself a favour and GO SEE IT...NOW!

That song is "You Make My Dreams" by Hall and Oates and it is a classic! You may remember it from The Wedding Singer.

For your enjoyment I've added the links to my favourite scenes from 3rd Rock From The Sun...

So 500 Days Of Summer?


Joseph Gordon Levitt?


So in closing, I've got one thing to say to you all...WE WILL MIX THE WHITES AND COLOURS...ONE LOAD..ONE WORLD! Oh and I most certainly don't want to be part of any group, that hates the lower case letter t!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I love fireworks!

I would like to share with you, dear reader, some personal texts that were exchanged between Allison and I on Saturday night.

We were both out. And both, shall we say, intoxicated.

A: I just heard Come On Eileen
K: I just did karaoke to Wonderwall. I’m like the Liam of Awesome.
A: Does that make me Noel? I am NOT cool with that!
K: You are SO Noel.
A: Well in that case...Fuck you, you stupid asshole.
K: I’m going to marry a wanker and break up the band.
A: Fine then. I’m going to quit, tour several times around the globe and then quit again.
K: Ha Ha ha.

What I’m wishing to illustrate to you, my friends, is that our awesomeness is not just limited to this site.
We are 100% awesome, 100% of the time.
Although perhaps the most surprising part of the exchange is we managed to spell things correctly and be at least somewhat coherent, which is surprisingly difficult on iPhones when drunk.

HOWEVER, Saturday night also served to further compound a fundamental belief I hold that really helps define my life:
Saturday night was ‘Riverfire’. It’s the commencement of the Brisbane Festival and basically a massive fuck-off fireworks show over the river and city.
As well as about 40,000 fireworks (literally), the F1-11s fly over and do a ‘dump and burn’, which is every bit as cool as it sounds. You kinda see the trail from it in the photo below - obviously it looks nothing like this in real ife, but hey. It's a cool photo.

So there I was on Saturday night, watching the fireworks from the balcony of the Treasury Casino. Sure, I’m 25, but goddamnit I LOVE FIREWORKS. Fireworks = happiness. I have absolutely no doubt that on Saturday night I looked a bit like somebody’s ‘special’ friend, just standing there, drink in hand with a massive grin on my face, watching fireworks. I think we’ve spoken before about the simple pleasures in life. And fireworks, to me, are an excellent example of one of these pleasures.

But then ‘Bitchface’, as I have dubbed her, rocked up.
Standing behind me was this woman. She was, it must be said, A GIGANTIC TOOL.
The WHOLE time she whined:
“Omigod, is this it? Is this what Brisbane gets so excited about? I can’t believe it’s just a whole bunch of fireworks. I thought it would be so much more, I can’t believe how lame this is”.

It took EVERY OUNCE OF STRENGTH I HAD not to turn around and smack her stupid face. Even the guy she was with seemed a little embarrassed by her. And rightly so.
Seriously, who thinks they are too good for fireworks?! They’re pretty, they’re sparkly and shiny. All the things I like.

It was blatantly obvious she was a Melbourne/Sydney-sider and thought ‘Hang on, there’s no way I can allow myself any pleasure in Brisbane, or allow myself to think that any part of Brisbane is okay.’
Well, love, here’s what I’ve got to say on behalf of Brisbane: FUCK YOU. And your little dog, too. She didn’t actually have a little dog with her, but she’s the kind of person that would have one. And carry it in a purse and make it wear clothes.

Much of the time I was watching the fireworks, I was debating whether to say something. Of course, as Kate, my role in life is to be confrontational and not let people have opinions different to mine. So in the end I ended up with
“God, it must be SO depressing to be you. Oh, and you’re kind of fat.”
Immature. Yes.
Satisfying. INCREDIBLY.
And I walked away, leaving her there with this shocked look on her face, without the quick-wittedness to reply.

Fireworks and Brisbane: 1
Dumb Bitch: 0

So, that stupid bitch?

Remembering how bitchy you could be in high school and doing it to a complete stranger 10 years later because they were annoying you?


Thursday, September 10, 2009


You know what I love? People from Brisbane who have gone done good (it's International Speak Like a Yokel Day, FYI).

Take, for example, me. And when I say me I mean Kate Miller-Heidke. We share the same name, so I am assuming we also have must more in common.

I LOVE her. I hate the term 'girl-crush' with a passion, but if I were to have one, it would be her.

Just look at her:
I mean, she's clearly wearing a Ken Done scarf here. Do I really need to tell you any more? She's probably the only person (besides Kath Day-Knight, of course) that can rock Ken Done and make it fabulous.

Anyway, all her songs are amazing. Like, say, Mike Skinner of The Streets, her songs tend to tell a story. And I like that in a song. Although I don't like that in a person, unless the story somehow involves me.

My current favourite off her album Curiouser is this baby, I like you better when you're not around:

(Sorry for the poor quality vid...but I don't control YouTube, so quit your complaining).
I can't remember the last time I listened to a song so many times in a row.
It's so cheery, yet so bitchy. Kind of like me.

"I mean like what the hell is with her, I mean like, no offence!"

Kate Miller-Heidke & I like you better when you're not around?


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


"Absolutely Fabulous" by The Pet Shop Boys

Words can't express how much we adore French and Saunders, they are fabulous! Together they are incredible but in our opinion, their best work comes when they are working separately.

In Dawn's case you have The Vicar of Dibley, one of the best shows of all time. That show was always hilarious and had the most perfect season finale! Sadly this post isn't about The Vicar, that post will have it's day though we promise you.

Today we champion Jennifer Saunders and the awesomeness that is Absolutely Fabulous!

We are particularly fond of Season 1, it is, without question the best. In that first season, there is not a moment that is not perfect and hilarious!

We could gush all day about it but we won't. Instead we'll simply tell you to watch the video, like The Dead Sea Scrolls explains everything and nothing. This song is brilliant, it's one of our favourite shows squeezed into 3 min 41 sec and really isn't that just the most awesome thing ever!

Our motto for the day is "Just do your best darling"!

"Absolutely Fabulous" ?????



Friday, September 4, 2009


A long time ago ,Kate and I discovered our mutual love for The Joel. It's one of the reasons we've been friends for so long. The Joel brings people Jesus (also we're pretty sure that if The Joel could turn water into wine, he'd be the happiest man on earth *glug* *glug*).
Our copies of The Ultimate Collection, have been played to death. That album truly doesn't have a bad song on it! If you don't have it, do yourself a favour and get it! We promise you won't be disappointed.
A couple of years ago, Kate and I went to see The Joel in concert. IT WAS AWESOME! Sure we were the youngest people there by about 15 years, but we didn't care! I believe Kate had a video of that concert, on which our incredible voices could be heard belting out the classics. Sadly you will never find that video on this site. I think it was that's right a fire. So um, we're sorry about that. You can rest assured though that the quality of our singing was top notch.
It seems fit that SONG OF THE DAY, goes to the great man.
But which song, there are so many choices...
  1. "Piano Man"
  2. "Uptown Girl"
  3. "The Longest Time" (the favourite song of Michael Scott, who is truly worthy of his own post)
  4. "My Life"
  5. "A Matter of Trust"
  6. "We Didn't Start The Fire" (or as it's know to fans of US The Office.."Ryan Started the Fire")
  7. "She's Always A Women"
  8. "It's Still Rock'n'Roll To Me"
  9. "New York State Of Mind"
  10. "Just The Way You Are"
  11. "Big Shot"
  12. "You May Be Right"
  13. "Tell Her About It"
  14. "I Go To Extremes"
  15. "The River Of Dreams"
  16. "All About Soul"
  17. "Modern Woman"

We could go on all day, but we have to go with..

"Only The Good Die Young" by Billy Joel
So, "Only The Good Die Young"??
Billy Joel?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I was going to leave this post to the power of the iPhone...but then I remember I have a brain. And that my iPhone can't type. I SEE YOUR FAILINGS NOW, PHONE!
You did so well to hide them for so long, but now we've had this relationship for a few months, they're all starting to come out and show themselves. I thought you were this totally different person, but then your true colours really started showing, and not in a good Phil-Collins-type- way.
....Ah. Um. I might have stopped talking about my phone there for a little bit.
Forgive me, iPHone, I still love you.

ANYWAY Song Of The Day is: Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellis. Now, I've only been to one actual EPL (English Premier League) match in my time, but in my head, they play this song at EVERY match, and everyone sings to it. Don't correct me if I'm wrong. It makes me want to jump around, holding a pint and spilling it on people. And then maybe stab someone.

I have no idea what this song is about, or whether it even has a story to it, but I LOVE IT:

Yeah, you try to listen this and not nod or tap your foot in some way. You won't.

Chelsea Dagger?