Friday, July 3, 2009

Arrr, me hearties!

You know what we enjoy - awesomeness that is brought to us. Being inherently lazy, it saves us going searching upon things that are awesome.

Our dear friend of the site, Holly (rank: AWESOME) recently pointed us toward the Pirate-English function on Facebook.

If you go to the bottom of your Facebook page, next to the Copyright symbol there is a hyperlink (i.e blue writing) which opens a new window allowing you to select your preferred language...choose Pirate English. I assure you, hilarity will ensure.

Your Home Page becomes Home Port, you can 'Weigh in' on your 'matey's' 'scawlings'. Even the emails Facebook send you are in Pirate English.

If you are like us, and believe that Pirates (the fictional Johnny-Deppesque ones, not real Somalian ones that overtake Oiltankers) are awesome, then get on board (pun intended) with PIRATE ENGLISH ON FACEBOOK.

Decision: AWESOME

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