Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shaun Micallef is Awesome

In the 90's there was a fabulous series called Full Frontal, we're sure you remember it and if you don't we feel very sad for you. This show was brilliant for many reasons but mostly because it introduced us to Shaun Micallef.

With Shaun Micallef came the awesomeness of Roger Explosion, Fabio, Dr Miracle and our personal favourite David McGahan. "David McGahan's World" is bizarre, askew and hilarious. For those of you who remember him we'd like to reacquaint you and to those who have never had the pleasure...get ready your lives are about to change. We foresee this being the first of many Micallef related posts and to that end we begin with what is arguably the best video...

"David MaGahan's World- Cats"

Kate likes cats.
Alli does not like cats.
However we both love David McGahan, he brings people together like Nelson Mandella (that kind of rhymed...extra awesome).

Shaun Micallef and his many incarnations???


Click on the link below....DO IT NOW

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