Monday, July 6, 2009

The Secret of Life

So, this weekend was a pretty quiet one for me (Kate). Apart from a drunken night out Friday, which ended in my dancing (awesomely) to Thriller at 2am, I spent the vast majority of the weekend on the couch.

Whilst doing so, it occurred to me what the secret of life is. Please sit down, I am about to reveal what it is and surprisingly, the answer is NOT 43.

Here is the secret of my life:
Letting little things make you happy.

I reached this conclusion fairly quickly after sitting on my ass for about six hours watching an entire season of The Office (the American version). Now, some people may call that self-indulgent. Even (shock horror) lazy. Well to them I say this
*flips them the bird*

After my 6+ hours of couch sitting, which was punctuated by much laughter, I stood up to change DVDs (to Anchorman, but that's another post altogether). When I did this, I didn't think for one minute, wow, I'm really wasting my day. I thought, wow, I'm in such a good mood considering how absolutely hungover I am.

However, maybe I was just still drunk.

Being contented by the small things in life?


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