Friday, July 3, 2009

The List of Awesome People 2009 (celebrity edition)

There is a scene in "Knocked Up" where Ben asks Allison if she knows Vince Vaughn. Ben thinks Vince is an awesome guy (who doesn't??) and firmly believes if they were to meet they would be friends. Like Ben I also believe that if I met them I would be friends with several famous people. This belief may be misguided, you may think 'Alli you're an idiot' and to you I say...SHUT IT!

It is with this theory in mind that Kate and I developed "The list of Awesome People 2009 (celebrity edition)". The list is in no particular order and is able to grow and change at a moment's notice....

Tom Hanks
Jeff Goldblum
Meryl Streep
Alan Rickman
Emma Thompson
Natalie Portman
Ewan McGregor
Meshel Laurie
Ricky Gervais
Stephen Merchant
Judd Apatow
Seth Rogen
James Franco
Paul Rudd
Jason Segal
Neil Patrick Harris
Jason Bateman
Kate Winslet
David Bowie
Steve Carrell
Mindy Kailing
John Krasinski
Rain Wilson
Emily Blunt
Vince Vaughn
Lily Allen
Adam Hills
Mick Malloy
Tony Martin
Hamish Blake
Jermaine Clement
Bret McKenzie
Jerry Seinfeld
Sam Neill
Bette Midler
Shaun Micallef
Owen Wilson
Ben Stiller
Michael Caine
Liam Neeson
Rachel McAdams
Jennifer Saunders
Dawn French
Richard Curtis
Eric Bana
Johanna Lumley

The list continues...

Feel free give suggestions on who you think is AWESOME!!!! If we think they make the cut then magically they will appear in the list (by magic I mean we will type them in)

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