Friday, July 3, 2009

Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough

Here at A & F, we don't want to get to heavily into issues that are totally really in the mainstream media, or be too political. We're not smart enough for that.

But how can we possibly ignore the Michael Jackson subject?

He was a controversial character, that cannot be denied. However, we here at A & F believe the following
a) he probably did have young boys sleep in his bed. However, although that is grossly inappropriate, we feel that in this case it was probably innocent. He had such a childlike mind himself, for whatever reason, that he probably really didn't see a problem with it, although the rest of the world did.
b) his music, his dance is beyond measure. He, as we see it, passes the likes of Elvis, simply because unlike Elvis, he was CREATING the music.

We were incredibly saddened (although not necessarily shocked) by his passing.

What do you think? We welcome input.

Here at A & F we say:
Michael Jackson's music:
Michael Jackon's death and circumstances surrounding it:

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  1. I am in agreeance, Michael Jackson (MJ as i lovingly call him), was a true talent. That of which i doubt we will ever see again in our lifetime. We love you Michael.....