Thursday, August 27, 2009


"Dancing in the Dark" by Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen

Dammit this song is AWESOME! Every time it comes on, we can't help but break out some 80s dance moves (see the video below).

On a deeper lever, we have come to believe that The Boss is a secret genius.

But Kate and Alli, that is absurd!! you say

Well, well, well we STRONGLY DISAGREE! Here's why...

  1. The song was released in 1984. The greatest year in the history of time! All the most influential and awesome people were born in 1984. Take for example Delta Goodrem...we thought that would shut you up.
  2. He goes out in the evening and comes home in the morning. He ain't nothing but tired. Bruce..OMG...YOU'RE RIGHT! We're tired too, when we stay out all night. Perhaps Bruce is nurse who works night duty?? Yes, we're sure that's it.
  3. He has clearly studied the fire triangle and/or studied chemistry, because after much research we discovered that you really CAN'T start a fire without a spark. Wow!
  4. Bruce states with certainty that "Something is happening somewhere". Again how does he know this??? There are people everywhere and they ARE doing SOMETHING! Bruce, please continue.
  5. He says, you got to stay hungry. We tried this by not eating today, Bruce was right...we are just about starving tonight. He's like a doctor. A doctor of life.
  6. Bruce advises that you can't start a fire, whilst you're sitting around crying over a broken heart. You mean water and fire together don't mix??? We're shocked, that explains SO MUCH! We have been trying to light fires for years but we thought the water was meant to go on when trying to light it, not put it out. DUH!

So there you have it. Bruce Springsteen is a GENIUS!

However A&F would like to make a safety announcement...

Dancing in the dark can be very dangerous. Particularly around stairs, open windows, criminals and people trying to hire guns (there is something shifty about not wanting to own a gun outright, it's also very un-American).

Enjoy learning kids...

"Dancing in the Dark"??


Actually dancing in the dark??


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