Friday, August 14, 2009


I can't even believe I'm admitting this in public...

I love Will Smith's music. Not Will Smith himself, I fancy he may involve himself in Scientology (now that is an entire post for later).
But every one of his songs....I can't help but dance to, in my white-girl way.
I still have clear memories of skating around busting a move on my mega-cool rollerblades to Boom! Shake the Room. Those were the days.

Then there's this - I swear to God I listen to this every time I'm getting ready to go out. Oh, and alright, yes, a little bit already drunk.
Don't you judge me!


DECISION: That's what I'm talking about! AWESOME


  1. Will is not a dirty scientologist! You take that back. Granted he is friends with some of those nuts...

  2. I have just visited your site for the first time. It's the best! Laughed out loud. I can't believe we share so many opinions. It's like we have the same brain. Perhaps we do....

  3. Why thank you, Anonymous! It's always nice to hear nice things. Alli and I have often been told we share a brain...perhaps that wasn't a compliment though, now that I think about it.