Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We are so inspiring.
We were so inspired by our last post we decided to do a new post that related, in some vague manner, to our previous post.

Today's Song Of The Day is: Here It Goes Again by Ok Go (you see the connection, oui?)

What's not to love about this?

Firstly, the song itself rocks. It's the kind of song you can do the 'Running Man' to, and I like that in a song.
Secondly, it's seriously got to be one of the greatest film clips of all time.
Even better than Beyonce's Single Ladies (Don't you interrupt me, Kanye, it is). And definitely better than anything Taylor Swift has ever done.

They either DID choreograph it themselves, or they had the world's greatest 'looks like it's not professionally choreographed' choreographer. Did I mention I like the word choreograph?
I also love a bald man in a waist coat. Wait, no, I don't. I must be thinking of something else I like. Oh, that's right, men with hair not wearing waist coats.

But, credit where credit is due, he works the waist coat. He could probably work a fob watch, too, if he tried. And I can imagine he'd walk about, asking people if they'd like to know the time, then get out this fob watch, tell them the time and then be all like "Don't act like you're not impressed.". Because they would be.

Also, although it's not going to make Song Of The Day, I also suggest you check out A Million Ways to be Cool, the film clip for which really launched Ok Go. How they managed to eclipse this film clip with Here It Goes Again is truly the work of God and/or the Gods.

Ok Go?


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