Thursday, September 10, 2009


You know what I love? People from Brisbane who have gone done good (it's International Speak Like a Yokel Day, FYI).

Take, for example, me. And when I say me I mean Kate Miller-Heidke. We share the same name, so I am assuming we also have must more in common.

I LOVE her. I hate the term 'girl-crush' with a passion, but if I were to have one, it would be her.

Just look at her:
I mean, she's clearly wearing a Ken Done scarf here. Do I really need to tell you any more? She's probably the only person (besides Kath Day-Knight, of course) that can rock Ken Done and make it fabulous.

Anyway, all her songs are amazing. Like, say, Mike Skinner of The Streets, her songs tend to tell a story. And I like that in a song. Although I don't like that in a person, unless the story somehow involves me.

My current favourite off her album Curiouser is this baby, I like you better when you're not around:

(Sorry for the poor quality vid...but I don't control YouTube, so quit your complaining).
I can't remember the last time I listened to a song so many times in a row.
It's so cheery, yet so bitchy. Kind of like me.

"I mean like what the hell is with her, I mean like, no offence!"

Kate Miller-Heidke & I like you better when you're not around?


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