Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why'd you do it to us, Harry?

What a fucking storm in a teacup. It’s events like this that make us grateful we have this website. It really was just a way of letting us whine to multiple people, rather than just each other.

Yes, we’re talking about none other than the Hey Hey skit/debacle.
Hey, Earth to Earth: It was a joke. Maybe you just didn’t get it right away.
All these self-righteous white folk are so freakin’ quick to jump on their high horses. How’s the view from up there, assholes?

You know what’s hilarious? I’m yet to hear one black person having a cry about it. Maybe that’s because they don’t care. Mainly, I think, because it WASN’T OFFENSIVE. The Jackson Five are/were black. It’s not like the group were saying black people are shit. They were just pointing out that yes, black people exist.
And once some of them were in a band that were awesome and sung songs.

And then one of them went white.

And now all these international journalists are getting on the “My, oh my, Australia is so racist…” bandwagon. GOD. Get a brain and opinion of your own. It’s funny, these English and American journalists thinking that Australia is racist. Um, guys…have you looked outside lately? Pot, meet Kettle.
I don’t know if you know this, but the guy that was Michael Jackson in the skit….yep, Indian. HOW THE HELL DID HE GET IN THIS COUNTRY?! GET HIM OUT, GET HIM OUT!

I suddenly just remember, why, in general, I don’t like people very much.

Loser international journalists on their blogs?

DECISION: Flawsome

Golliwog biscuits?

DECISION: Man, I wish I had one of them right now.

Oh, and PS PERSON WHO JUST DARED QUESTION ME. You know who you are. I am aware of the whole 'cultural signifigance' of it all - the whole Black Faces/Minstrels things.
My point, however, remains unchanged.


  1. I love Golliwog biscuits! Man i wish they would come back....

  2. Good work girls!! Totally agree - FLAWSOME!