Saturday, October 17, 2009

So we are cheaters...

Let us begin by saying, that this post has been a long time coming.

You see when you really love something, finding the right words to express that is incredibly difficult. In fact, sometimes words aren't enough.

A long time ago, we feel in love with a man called Ricky Gervais and his little show called The Office.

That show is perfection. It is hilarious, sweet and quite simply there isn't enough of it.

Here is an example of the perfection that is Ricky Gervais, David Brent and The Office...

So when we heard there was an American version of the show being made, we were concerned to say the least. Alli's sister Heather was the first to get on board. Heather first started watching it, when Channel 10 originally aired it, late at night several years ago.

For quite a while Alli resisted the U.S version, believing there was no way it could possibly live up to the original. How wrong she was. The more she watched, the more she LOVED IT! It wasn't long before Kate came on board too, the show and it's charm is impossible to resist.

We here at A&F are truly obsessed with this show. Sure the first episode is essentially a word-for-word copy of the original, but the remaining 5 seasons of the show are pure genius. Even better Steven Merchant and Ricky Gervais are involved with it, so it's not really like we are cheating on them.

Not a day goes by when we here at A&F don't send random Office quote texts to each other. They are hilarious and random and damn it...they just make us happy. Every character in the U.S version is awesome! We love them all and we don't play favorites...most of the time.

So we thought we'd give you a few clips from the U.S The Office, in an attempt to bring it to the masses. Just think of us as Jesus and of YouTube as the're welcome universe

That's what she said...

Jim and Dwight


Oh and finally there's Michael Scott...awkward perfection. He perhaps makes us more uncomfortable than David Brent...yep we're pretty sure that kiss in "Gay Witch Hunt" sealed that deal.

So I'm sure this won't be last time we post about The Office U.S, but for now...



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