Tuesday, October 20, 2009

SONG OF THE DAY/ Ode to Britney or as we call her Britters

"Womanizer" by Britney Spears


So we have a confession to make to you, our dear and faithful readers...we LOVE Britney Spears.

For a very long time now, indeed since 1998, we have adored Britters. Sure there have been troubled times, rocky patches where we questioned our faith, but ultimately we've stood by her.

We proudly own all her music and dance to it unashamedly.

We had genuine concern for her when she began her tailspin into insanity. If I recall correctly we may have called each other, whilst watching the play-by-play of her hospitalisation on Perez (oh and every other news service).

We were worried when we saw the crazy in her eyes (we recognised it from occasionally seeing it in the mirror).

We tried to justify it when she shaved her head (it really doesn't look that bad?? ) and attacked that car with the umbrella (maybe she's just trying to be helpful...maybe it was raining...maybe she was just try to give the paps a hug).

Yet through it all we stood by her, believing that she would get back with Justin, wash her hair, throw those cut off shorts out, quit smoking, wear underwear, release an awesome comeback single and finally tour Australia. Now if you ask us, 2 out of 7 ain't bad!

The day we found our Britters was finally coming to Australia was a glorious day. It was like winning the lotto (except we had to pay $120 for the ticket, didn't win any money and that our lives are exactly the same). Now our seats may be hilariously bad but we don't care!

So we've picked "Womanizer" for SOTD. It was THE comeback single and it is catchy and fabulous! We love that she acknowledges her past crazy behaviour..."You say I'm crazy...I got your crazy"!

The video is classic Britters, it has just a hint of trash (hello nude seen) but is really, totally polished and great...oh and btw it has a shimmy in it! The shimmy, the dance move that everyone is capable of...god bless it!

So Britters...we love you, don't ever change (except please wash your hair, put on some underwear and get back together with Justin..ok, thanks)

Womanizer and Britney???


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