Thursday, November 12, 2009

There are times I wish I was going through a break up

Okay, maybe I did in the not-too-distant past. But it was not a time for tears, it was time for joyous dancing in the streets and a celebration of freedom.
I have absolutely no doubt any who knows of the relationship I had will agree.
However, had I been so inclined (I wasn’t) to wallow (I don’t) in sadness (none), I would have done so to this song:

The Last Day On Earth

Yes, it is one night before the A & F team attends the Kate Miller-Heidke concert, so I promise you this will be our last KMH post for a while. But we simply couldn’t go to the concert without recognising this beautiful song.

Granted, it’s not our usual type of song, which generally only gets a hearty A & F tick of approval if one or both of us has danced around our own houses to it whilst home alone.
You can’t REALLY dance to The Last Day On Earth, unless you’re doing some sort of crap interpretive modern dance (Grade 10 Drama Students every where, I’m looking at you).

Anyway, the point is this is song I can definitely imagine sitting in a corner of a room, listening to it, clutching a bottle of wine and sobbing.
I’ll leave you with that glorious image.

(But before I do, I also must note the fabulous dress she wears in the film clip. I fucking adore it. I think it's Alannah Hill, but correct me if I'm wrong).
The Last Day On Earth?

DECISION: AWESOME....but in a sad, flawsome kind of way.

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