Friday, January 29, 2010

And we're back!

Okay, so we here at A & F have been on a bit of a self-imposed hiatus. SOME of us have been traipsing around the globe, some of us have been watching far too much 30 Rock (if indeed there is such a thing). So, for the lack of posts you can blame Allison. I know I do.

Anyway, a New Year, a new thing to vent about:
Okay, not so much babies, but THESE:

Oh God, how I hate them.
My thought process when I see them goes something like this:
" have a BABY! Lucky you had that sign, I guess I shouldn't intentionally ram you like I do to most other cars."
No. That's a lie. I never, ever have that thought process.
I have this little thing, where, generally, I'm pretty careful when I'm driving, because, oh, I don't know, I don't want to die.

Seeing that sign does not make me drive more carefully. It makes me full of rage, which probably negatively effects my driving.
I think people realise that it does nothing, surely? That's why accidents are called accidents, them being not deliberate and all.

Which brings me to the quesiton: Why do these signs exist?

Here's my thoughts: They are put up by the kind of women/people that seem to think giving birth is an achievement. Newflash: It's not! Almost 50% of the population is capable.
I bet these cars that have 'Baby on Board' signs are the same cars, that, in 15 years time, have those "(Insert Private School Name) (Insert one of Rowing/Rugby)". Wow! Your child participates in a thing! Congratulations, you produced an average human being. Good for you.

And those Pram Only spots in shopping centre car parks? Oh my God. Really? I don't know when that became a thing, but that's a whole other post.

Anyway - Baby on Board signs on cars and the drippy parents that put them there?


Welcome to 2010, people.
I love it already.

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